Your Tiny House Is Your Castle

There is nothing like feeling like you house is your castle unless your house is really a castle.

Justin and Jola

Justin and Jola created and built just that.

truck base

Upon returning to New Zealand, Justin was thinking about where they would live. He still had an old truck and upon examination, they thought they might transform it into a tiny house that they could live in.

Jola working on tiny home

Between 2 creative minds, a castle was formed in the guise of a tiny house on a truck.

tiny house

The ingenuity and creatively that went into building this only goes to show that a tiny home doesn’t need to be a box on a trailer.

As you are driving down the road, the tiny house looks like this, which looks a little different than a normal house on wheels, but not too different.

tiny house transformation

But then… it transforms into something like this… which is magical!

bedroom from outside

It has almost like a slider on the side, but instead of sliding, the walls actually fold out forming additional living space. Over the cab of the truck. the roof of the room pushes up to reveals a large bedroom and the very top of the house is an open air living space.


The bedroom has lots of windows and lights and spacious with surround views.

before transformation

Here is the room before transformation.

Once the living space has been expanded with the fold out room, it becomes very roomy and livable.

after transformation

And here is it after transformation

closet under bed

more storage space

One of the many ingenious inventions that they created was extra storage under the bed. Not only is there extra storage, but the whole under bed unit turns around with different pockets, like a closet for storing clothes. When each section comes into view a light automatically comes on to reveal the contents of each cubby hole.

composting toilet

shower and washer/dryer

Each of the turrets is used for different purposes. In one turret. a washroom facility resides in the way of a composting toilet.  The other holds a shower. They have a tank for water storage to supply all their needs.

bathtub on roof

Did I mention that there is a bathtub on the roof? Nothing like a full 365-degree view as you soak in the tub.

solar panels

The house is powered by solar power, generator or can be plugged into power.


At the very top of the castle, underneath the big top, there is a sun-powered dehydrator for drying fruits and vegetables.

tiny house castle

Justin and Jola took their lifestyle and created a castle around it. There is no better way to bring up a family than to show them what is possible.

Watch the video below as Bryce from Living Big in a Tiny House interviews Justin and Jola about their home and their lives living in a tiny house.