Could You Live In A Tiny House?

The tiny house moment is exciting and more and more people are getting caught up in this new lifestyle.


A lifestyle that has people thinking that tiny houses…

  • are romantic
  • save space on the planet
  • force you to downsize (a good thing)
  • provide freedom of money, space and time
  • give you the ability to be mobile
  • allow you to easily live off the grid

On the other hand, things that you might not have thought about are…

  • is there enough room for my belongings
  • will I feel claustrophobic
  • can two people really live together in such a small space
  • where do I go when I want my own space
  • what sort of things do I need to give up
  • are there going to be lifestyle changes

I just watched a video on two people who have lived in a tiny house (160 sq.ft) on wheels for a year now. It was eye opening.

I have just been thinking about how much fun it would be to take my home with me everywhere and not have to go through packing everything up. But I never considered that fact that my partner and I might find the living conditions “too” close.

We have often traveled in an RV and then always come home to a larger house. This has been a wonderful experience as we both like the mobile lifestyle and a tiny house is very appealing.

Doing our research and writing about it such as this article “Tiny Houses For Sale – What You Need To Know Before You Buy” we figured that most of the information that we gathered was on track.

But one thing that we never took into account was the emotional side of the equation.

Personal Growth

The more we dig into tiny houses, the more utterly astounding the journey is. It’s not just a lifestyle change but a personal growth experience as well.

The video below is all about how a couple built and designed a tiny house and their journey along the way.

They based the design on their needs and wants and it’s interesting seeing a different side and use of a small space.

Most houses that are in pictures are empty and open spaced to maximize the look and feel. They created a space that is not only functional for them but creative with lots of storage space.

However… there was still some growing pains and personal differences that needed to be overcome.

What this has led them to is a more fulfilling life. They realized that they needed to be very respectful of each other’s needs and wants and this required open communication. It’s pretty hard to go stomping off and slam the door in a tiny house, so you need to express your needs, knowing that they will be heard.

Take a glimpse of this young couple who opens up their home and their hearts to us the public. If you aren’t interested in the lifestyle portion of the video you can skip ahead to see the house tour at 24:25.