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What Is an Eco-Friendly Toilet and How Does It Work?

At some point on your tiny life journey, you are going to need to think about toilets. Not the nicest of topics, but there is no getting around the fact that everyone needs to use one. There are quite a few different ways to tackle the problem in a tiny home. But if you want to be kind […]

Tiny Home Designs – Choose Your Style

Planning how to build your own tiny home can be a daunting prospect, just working out where to start is difficult enough! You have to make sure everything fits together in a sensible fashion and complies with regulations for instance. Working out headroom so you don’t have to duck every time you enter a room […]

Could You Live In A Tiny House?

The tiny house moment is exciting and more and more people are getting caught up in this new lifestyle. Lifestyle A lifestyle that has people thinking that tiny houses… are romantic save space on the planet force you to downsize (a good thing) provide freedom of money, space and time give you the ability to […]

Tiny Home In A Shipping Container

Tiny homes have been described as many things. A house where the footage is under 400 square feet Year round livable RV or motor home Float house 5th Wheel or Trailer such as an Airstream Treehouse And… a shipping container house Shipping containers are used around the world to move and store goods from one […]

Tiny Home Trailers – Get Your House On The Move

If you want your tiny home to be mobile, there’s only one way to do it, and that’s to build it on a trailer! This is something you need to think about right from the start, as it will make a huge difference to the design and materials used in your home. Tiny houses built on trailers […]

Your Tiny House Is Your Castle

There is nothing like feeling like you house is your castle unless your house is really a castle. Justin and Jola created and built just that. Upon returning to New Zealand, Justin was thinking about where they would live. He still had an old truck and upon examination, they thought they might transform it into a […]