About Us

Living a simplified lifestyle has become very important over the years. One that leaves a very little footprint on the earth and also gives us the freedom to be where and when we choose.

After raising a family in a large home with a mortgage and a two car garage, I’ve come to see that “things” are not as important as what I thought and it’s in the “living” that the enjoyment comes.

It started with garage sales… no, not going to them, but having them. Cleaning out all the accumulated stuff from years gone by.

We then gave away, to family and friends all the things that were cluttering up our space until we ended up with a very sparse interior of our house.  This was a perfect time to sell as you could actually see the bones of the house.

Saying goodbye to the house evoked some sentimental feelings as that is where we had brought up our children, played in the backyard and enjoyed the neighbourhood.

At that time, we hadn’t really heard much about tiny houses, but we knew we wanted to downsize, so downsize we did. Going from a 4000 square foot home down to 900 square feet was a bit of a shock, but one that took us very little time to acclimate to.

We found more time to read, go out for walks, enjoy the outdoors instead of spending the day cleaning the house.

Life became fun again, and freedom is ours.

We created this blog as we are in the process of looking at downsizing again to a smaller footprint. As we are going through all our options and reviewing whether we want to buy or build, wheels or no wheels, we thought that others might find the information useful as well.

To that end… Tiny House Fly is here for you.

To helps you find solutions to common tiny home living and downsizing your current situation. You can learn from our experiences as well as others.

Whether you are searching for the simplicity and freedom that living in a tiny house has to offer, you’ll find help here.

Welcome to the Tiny House Fly.